Gaddar Episode 9: Trailer – English Subtitles

by Alex Beypublished on March 17, 2024

After Dağhan kills men in front of her eyes, Leyla begins to fear him and question who this man she trusts is. She escapes from Dağhan’s grasp at the first opportunity she gets. When he realizes that he cannot get out of this without finding the computer, he goes to get information from a trusted friend of his father. The door he knocks on for help will cause new trouble for him. Dağhan tries to find Leyla with the support of the Director.

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Sakla Beni
Tahir, who could not escape the clutches of Mehmet and the other police officers despite all his efforts, had no choice but to confront his brother. Mehmet's world falls apart when he learns that the criminal he is looking for is Tahir. The tension between the two brothers is taken to an unexpected dimension with a surprise visit while Mehmet is taking Tahir to the police station. On the other hand, Farah, who escaped at the last moment from being caught thanks to the system established by Orhan, learns about Behnam's last big move, which he attempted at the expense of burning himself. Farah, together with Bade and Gönül, makes a plan to prevent this. Farah's flawless plan turns into chaos when she learns that Tahir is working with Orhan. Farah and Tahir put their heads together and look for a solution to get out of this complicated situation. The only way to end all this chaos is through a final showdown with Behnam. Behnam, who has nothing left to lose, has no intention of giving up.
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