Kizil Goncalar Episode 1 Trailer Out – English Subtitles

by Alex Beypublished on December 8, 2023

The poster of the new series Kızıl Goncalar , produced by Gold Film and produced by Faruk Turgut , has been released. The poster of Kızıl Goncalar, one of the most ambitious projects of the season and eagerly awaited, features the leading actors of the series, Özcan Deniz and Özgü Namal .

Kızıl Goncalar , which will meet its audience with its first episode on December 18 , is about the intersection of the fates of Levent ( Özcan Deniz ), a secular Atatürk supporter, and Meryem ( Özgü Namal ) , who lives in a bigoted sect , and despite differences of belief and opinion, when it comes to “child” It draws attention to the unifying power of motherhood/fatherhood.

Özcan Deniz and Özgü Namal , Mert Yazıcıoğlu , Erkan Avcı , Hazal Türesan , Mert Turak , Selen Öztürk , Şerif Erol , Duygu Sarışın , Tuğrul Tülek , Yakup Turgut , Sitare Akbaş, Mina Demirtaş , Esma Yılmaz , Zehra Kelleci , Tuana Gizem Uzunlar Red Goncalar , directed by Ömür Atay and written by Necati Şahin , is on Monday , December 18th and every Monday at 20.00 , accompanied by successful names such as .

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