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30+ Recent Turkish Series to Watch in English 2023

In recent years, there has been a significant surge in the global viewership of Turkish TV series, known as ‘Dizi,’ spanning both Eastern and Western parts of the world.

These captivating Turkish dramas have garnered immense popularity in various regions, including the United States, Balkan countries, the Middle East, China, Russia, Korea, Latin America, South Africa, and Asia.

Numerous Turkish series are now readily available on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and others, complete with English dubbing. However, die-hard fans (AROUND THE WORLD) of these series prefer to enjoy them with English subtitles.

In this post, TurkFlicks will present the latest and highest-rated Turkish drama series, providing you with an exciting list of options to explore.

Bambaska Biri Poster
Bambaska Biri Poster HD

1: Bambaska Biri (Another Love)

Genre: Drama, Crime

Story: The brutal murder of Hamdi Atilbay in the forest crosses the paths of young prosecutor Leyla, who wants to leave her messy past behind and now establish her new order, and Kenan, an ambitious journalist who has a regular and famous life. However, this murder heralds the destruction of not only their love, but also the truth they know about their lives.

Subtitles Language Available: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese & Arabic

Release: October 11, 2023

2: Ruhun Duymaz (Love Undercover)

Genre: Drama, Crime

Story: Onur Karasu is a successful intelligence agent who was promoted to head of the department at a young age and has been after Civan Koral, the owner of Turkey’s largest jewelry company. Onur, who thinks that Civan keeps the documents related to his illegal business in the safe in his house, becomes lovers with Civan’s sister Hilal in order to get in and out of the house. When he learns that Civan will move abroad, Onur makes a sudden decision to propose to Hilal in order to get the documents without letting her get away. He plans to open the safe on their engagement day and arrest Civan, who is there for his sister’s engagement. What he doesn’t take into account is Hilal’s close friend Ece. While Ece is trying to figure out what Onur is up to, her plans are upset when Onur catches her. Onur and Ece, two poles as opposite as day and night, will have to work together in a way they never wanted to.

Subtitles Language Available: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese & Arabic

Release: July 21, 2023

Kader Baglari Picture
Kader Baglari Photo

3: Kader Bağları (Grapes of Love)

Genre: Drama, Love

Story: Kerem is a successful businessman and the heir to a prestigious wine-making family. Whilst on a trip to his family’s vineyard in Montenegro he meets Sevda, a law student traveling through Montenegro as part of an Erasmus program. There is an immediate spark and after a dreamlike day spent together in Montenegro, they agree to meet in the same place exactly one year later.

Subtitles Language Available: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese & Arabic

Release: Sep 30, 2023

4: Adim Farah (My Name is Farah)

Genre: Drama, Crime

Story: A murder unintentionally witnessed by Farah, who had to flee her country and illegally struggle to survive with her son, and Tahir Lekesiz, whom she met on the same night, will change their lives forever.

Subtitles Language Available: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese & Arabic

Release: March 1, 2023

Sakla Beni
Sakla Beni

5: Sakla Beni (Hide Me)

Genre: Drama, Crime

Story: Mete and Naz are the favorite children of rich and powerful families. Both of them are spoiled and used to getting everything they want in life. Their story, which started with the promise of their families in their childhood, flows towards marriage today with their inability to break away from each other. But when Naz’s maid İncila, who has been with him since childhood, suddenly appears in front of Mete, Mete questions all the decisions he has made in life. Will this encounter between İncila and Mete change the direction of the story Naz wrote with all her stubbornness and help Mete find true love?

Subtitles Language Available: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese & Arabic

Release: November 1, 2023

Kendi Dusen Aglamaz
Kendi Dusen Aglamaz

6: Kendi Düşen Ağlama (Come What May)

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Family

Story: Alize, who lost her mother the day she was born, is a beautiful but very selfish young girl who was spoiled and raised by her father. Alize, who goes crazy when she learns that her father is getting remarried, decides to fake a marriage with a man he would never allow her to marry in order to take revenge. However, things will not go as planned

Subtitles Language Available: English Only

Release: June 22, 2023

6: Bir Derdim Var (Light in the Dark)

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Family

Story: The series tells the story of Dr. Nilüfer Toska, a dedicated psychiatrist with a special talent for helping troubled teens. For Dr. Nilüfer, there are no hopeless cases. Her unique understanding of the adolescent mind keeps her one step ahead of her colleagues. But Dr. Nilüfer’s genius carries a steep price. Despite her success, she is haunted by an awful secret that, if it ever came out, could ruin her career.

Subtitles Language Available: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese & Arabic

Release: November 9, 2023

Dilek Tasi Pictures
Dilek Tasi Photo

7: Dilek Tasi (Wishing Stone)

Genre: Drama, Family

Story: An impressive story set in the 1980s. Aras Rona and Rüçhan Rona are members of a very wealthy family. Figen Kutlu lives with her family in the mansion of the Rona family. The Rona family is forced to adopt Cemre, the daughter of Mustafa, who is on trial with the death penalty, who was given to the Child Protection Agency because his wife died

Subtitles Language Available: English

Release: September 7, 2023

8. Senden Daha Güzel (The Beauty Inside)

Genre: Drama, Family

Story: Efsun, who works as a dermatologist, lives peacefully on the farm with her father in a village in Gaziantep. Her mother left her and her father at a young age and moved to Istanbul and became one of Turkey’s most important plastic surgeons. Efsun suddenly receives news from her mother, whom she has not seen since she was 12 years old. Her mother is on her deathbed and wants to see her one last time. She invites Efsun to Istanbul by sending her driver. Efsun, who goes to Istanbul to see her mother, is in for a big surprise. Her mother, the owner of the largest aesthetic clinic in Istanbul, asks Efsun to work in the clinic and forces her to do so. As if all this is not enough, Emir, who she thinks is a driver, is actually the son of her mother’s partner Kaya Bey. Emir, a handsome and charismatic surgeon, thinks that Efsun has come to take the clinic away from him, and starts a fight with Efsun. Moreover, these young people are neighbors.

Subtitles Language Available: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese & Arabic

Release: June 6, 2022.

8. Sen Cal Kapimi (Love in the Air)

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance

Story: Eda, who ties all her hopes to her education, confronts Serkan Bolat, who cuts off her international education scholarship and leaves her with high school diploma. Serkan Bolat offers Eda to give her scholarship back if she pretends to be his fiance for two months. Although Eda rejects the offer of this man as she hates him, she has to accept it when the conditions change. While pretending to be engaged, Serkan and Eda begin to experience a passionate, challenging relationship that will make them forget all they know right. Because love is difficult. And that’s why it’s amazing.

Subtitles Language Available: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese & Arabic

Release: July 8, 2020

At TurkFlicks, we have more than 30+ Turkish best series are available to review, watch, not only English subtitles but in other languages.

I will update this article weekly base with more series to guide you where you can watch Turkish series with English subtitles.

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